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Casinos are a luxury for many people. The fun and entertainment it gives not to mention the money you can win is something people keep going back for.

In general, people see casinos as a source of entertainment to either win or lose money. However, there are also many interesting facts about casinos you might not have been aware of.

Here are some interesting facts about casinos games:

  • Did you know that there is a lot, A LOT of money involved in casinos? Even the most famous place for casinos, Las Vegas, earns billions of money just through the casino games.
  • The first ever casino place was constructed way back0 in 1638 by Casanova. It was built as a place to hold fun activities during summer. With time, it was changed into casinos where games are played. Did you know that the first ever slot machine was not invented for casinos? The person who invented it was a man called Charles Fey. He owned an auto shop and did not want his customers to get bored. Hence he installed the machine for his customers. Slowly it gained a lot of attention and was finally installed in casinos. Slot machines are the most famous type of casino games in Las Vegas with 68% of people playing it.
  • People visit the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas just to gamble. It is a hot spot attracting 2.5 million people each month among which a lot of them visit just for the gambling.
  • Big casinos construct their setups in such a way that they look like mazes where you can get lost in. The intention is to help you get lost and get you hooked to the machines when you move around. Eventually majority of the people who visit walk around and continue gambling. The lighting and interior designs are also set to attract you to play. Did you know that clocks and windows rarely exist in casinos to remove any distractions from playing games? Free shows, drinks and meals are also often offered to customers to keep you from leaving.
  • Casino and gambling games are so popular that many developers have developed apps and online platforms to deliver services to people all over the world. The online platforms have earned a lot of revenues because people who cannot visit casinos in person can easily access virtual casinos.
  • People who know about the game craps are definitely aware of how difficult it is to win the game because the odds against you are really high. However a man who played in Las Vegas broke this when he had 27 consecutive wins. It was a historical moment in the world of casino games and till today the dice used by that winner is still up for display.
  • A really interesting fact is that gambling money won from Keno was an important source of fund to build the Great Wall of China.
  • Millions of money can be won.

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